Royalty at Temple of the Tooth – 1901

Royalty at Temple of the Tooth – 1901

Buddhist priests exhibiting Buddha’s tooth in the Temple of Kandy to the Duke and Duchess of York, on 11th May 1901 during their tour of Ceylon as published in The Graphic.

The caption is The Royal Tour : Buddhist Priests Exhibiting Buddha’s Tooth in the Temple at Kandy

The body copy states – ‘While at Kandy the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall and York paid a visit to the temple, where they were shown Buddha’s tooth. The yellow-robed priests with shaved heads raised their moaning chants and displayed the caskets, studded with thousands of gleaming jewels of priceless value. The tooth is kept in a little casket covered with sapphires and emeralds, which on being opened displayed the holy relic lying on a lotus leaf of gold. This casket is enclosed in another, and that in turn in a third, and the whole is kept in a bell-shaped shrine. Drawn by H. M. Paget from a sketch by Sydney P. Hall, M. V. O.’

The Diyawadana Nilame serving during the period was Kuda Bandara Nugawela (1901–1916)

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