Ceylonese & Blind

Ceylonese & Blind

A blind Sinhalese boy, who came especially from Ceylon to consult Mr. W T Parish for Spiritual treatment leaves after the first treatment led by  Mrs. Peggy Parish, who assists her husband in his Spiritual healing activities – 1940. Photograph by – Kurt Lubinski (1899-1969)

Having worked for a railroad company early in his life, Parrish commenced practicing ‘Spiritualism’ in 1929 after a surgeon warned that his wife would die from inoperable cancer within six months. A Spiritualist friend suggested psychic healing, and during a Spiritualist séance, a spirit guide informed Parish that he was a natural healer and would cure his own wife.

Over the next seventeen years he received more than 500,000 letters of thanks from grateful patients, many of whom had been declared incurable by doctors. It is said that he did not charge for his healings. He became popularly known as “Parish the Healer.” He died in January 1946.

Nishan is a raconteur and a lover of art, history and architecture. His journey began more than 30 years ago when he started collecting and saving copies of publications which captured significant moments in Sri Lankan history. He intends to digitize the contemporary Sri Lankan history even in a smaller way through The Archives.

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